Welcome to the Kaizen Spacewear HAB, Earth.

'Kaizen : Change for the Better'  

KaizenSpacewear is here to be a modern take on the streetwear industry and help us demonstrate that the future will be bright if we look after our planet and aim towards becoming a multi-planet specie. It is a brand that encourages authenticity, innovation, kindness and sustainability. I want my products to make people feel confident, and excited for the future and at the same time for us all to be ambassadors of humanity and lead by example.
Who's the guy though..?
My name is James Howe, and i'm the creator of Kaizen, a footwear designer, basketball playing, wanna be astronaut, university dropout. 

  Planned to be a basketball player until I dislocated my left knee, bummer right? Nah! everything happens for a reason. So you're a sneaker head that can't play basketball anymore? what now? DESIGN THE SHOES!


Dropped out of university after a year and used the student finance to head to Miami, created some sneakers and met up with Dwyane Wade. He loved them. He ended up getting more pairs. Then his wife got some. Then his son got some clothing. I got the whole Wade family in the brand, that was sick!


Designed for brands all over the world. [Germany - K1X]. [London - Kurt Geiger]. [Li-Ning - China]. [Handlelife - Los Angeles]. [Charg1ng / adidas - New York]. and a hell of a lot more. 


Traveled to a bunch of different countries to work with amazing people, headed to New York for fashion week with Braxton Miller, went to Miami to meet up with Dwyane Wade, and went to Los Angeles to play basketball with Kanye and Lebron. 


Had amazing opportunities to work with amazing brands and people like Tammy Abraham, FIFA, Dwyane Wade, BossLogic, KSI, Sprayground, NFL, Silento, NBA, Kurt Geiger, Alexander McQueen, adidas, Charg1ng, Li-Ning, Way of Wade, Braxton Miller, Handlelife, Dribble2Much, YXNGXR1, Gabrielle Union, Grant Guston, KickPosters, NiceKicks and probably some others that im forgetting. 


This is literally just the beginning, lets create some amazing products, take the world and Mars by storm, and be different along the way!